Welcome to Xi's group,
Opening celebration of the German-Chinese Transregio Program
at Münster, Germany
 From Dec. 7st to Dec. 11th, Prof. Xi Zhang went to Germany, to attend the opening celebration of the German-Chinese Transregio Program, “Multilevel molecular assemblies: structure, dynamics and functions” held in University of Münster. The program was proposed together by more than twenty scientists from Germany and China, and was approved by DFG and NSFC this year. The speaker of the German part, Prof. Harald Fuchs, as well as the speaker of the Chinese part of the Collaborative Research Centre, Prof. Xi Zhang, introduced the major concepts to the audience. Prof. Helmut Ringsdorf, University of Mainz, Germany, the invited expert shed light on European as well as on national funding schemes, and emphasized on the one hand the need of young creative researchers who are willing to step across borders, and on the other hand the need of appropriate support, because only creativeness can ensure scientific progress and its benefit for human societies.