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Research work highlighted by NPG Asia Materials:
Stamp with selectivity
 Dr. Huaping Xu et al. have been working on the fabrication of porous stamps for microcontact printing, which can act as ink reservoir for transferring big ink molecules such as nanoparticles or proteins and realize multiple printing without reinking. Recently they have reported the selective load and transfer of positively charged functional species using a surface molecular imprinted layer-by-layer (SMILbL) film attached to PDMS stamps (SMILbL-PDMS). This work was published on Advanced Materials (2010, 22, 2689), and was Highlighted by NPG Asia Materials titled by“Surface printing: Stamp of approval”. As the commentator says, “The method could be used to develop sensors that recognize specific compounds such as biological molecules, which could aid disease diagnosis.”
Surface Printing
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