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Prof. Xi Zhang was elected as ACS Fellow in 2016
 Jul. 18th 2016, Prof. Xi Zhang was elected as American Chemical Society (ACS) Fellow in 2016 for his outstanding research achievements on supramolecular chemistry and his contribution to the collaborations between China and USA.

 The contributions of Prof. Xi Zhang were announced by ACS as follows:

 Contribution to the science/profession: Recognized for the development of molecular engineering of functional supramolecular systems, including supra-amphiphiles for controlled self-assembly and disassembly, controllable supramolecular polymerization in water, selenium-containing polymers, and methods of interfacial assembly.

 Contribution to the ACS community: Recognized for service as a Senior Editor of Langmuir from 2008 to present. Organized and chaired many workshops and meetings for promoting the collaboration between the Chinese Chemical Society and the American Chemical Society.