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Dr. Jiang-Fei Xu was Awarded as “Advanced Worker of Tsinghua University in 2017”
 In Apr. 2018, Dr. Jiang-Fei Xu was awarded as “Advanced Worker of Tsinghua University in 2017”. In 2017, Dr. Jiang-Fei Xu reported important progresses related to the research in controllable supramolecular polymerization and functional antibacterial supramolecular assemblies, which are the development of the method of supramolecular interfacial polymerization and the fabrication of selective antibacterial material based on the photothermal performance of supramolecular radicals. As co-corresponding author, Dr. Jiang-Fei Xu published 5 papers last year, including 2 on Angewandte Chemie International Edition. He was also invited to give invited lecture in the 15th Pacific Polymer Conference. Congratulations to Dr. Xu!