Welcome to Xi's group.
The joint seminar with the research groups in Jilin University was held in Jilin University

 May 10th, 2019, the joint seminar between our group and the research groups of Prof. Junqi Sun, Prof. Wenke Zhang, Prof. Bo Zou, and Prof. Liyan Wang from Jilin University was held in Jilin University, China. Prof. Xi Zhang and Dr. Jiang-Fei Xu, together with other postdoctoral fellows, PhD students, and undergraduates, attended the joint seminar.

 Prof. Wenke Zhang gave opening remarks at the beginning of the joint seminar. Bo Qin, Xiaoyan Tang, and Yuchong Yang from our group, together with Siheng Li, Zhiwei Ma, and Zhandong Li from Jilin University made oral reports. Topics of these oral reports related to supramolecular polymerization, supramolecularly catalysis, supramolecular radical, hydrogel sensor, pressure-induced emission materials, and single molecule force spectroscopy. Many valuable suggestions were put forward during the discussion to these reports. Finally, Prof. Xi Zhang and Prof. Liyan Wang summarized respectively. Prof. Xi Zhang said that the joint seminar promoted communication and cooperation between different research groups, and would continue to be held in the future.