Welcome to Xi's group.
 By taking advantage of the mobility and permeability of polyelectrolyte multilayer and
combining layer-by-layer assembling technique with electrochemical deposition, we have
developed a method to fabricate gold micro-/nano- aggregates on polyelectrolyte multilayer
modified electrode. The gold micro-/nano- thin films prepared by this method have exhibited
dendritic fractal structure. After being modified by dodecanethiol, this surface covered with
dendritic fractal 3D gold structure exhibits superhydrophobic property. One of the advantages
of this method for superhydrophobic coating is independent on the size and the shape of the
substrate. Taking advantage of this point, we have fabricated the superhydrophobic coating on
a gold thread surface and successfully mimicked the drag-reducing property when it floats on
the gas-liquid interface. Furthermore, by preparing self-assembled monolayer of stimuli-
responsive thiols on gold surface, we have successfully realized the tunable control on the
surface wetting properties.
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